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Ribena Bridges To Goodness 
School  Project
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Ribena Bridges To Goodness School Project – Impacting Good Values In Children
Children all over Nigeria will be helped to build good values in a fun and interactive way courtesy of Ribena which has initiated a life-impacting partnership with Bridges To Goodness Projects called “Ribena Bridges To Goodness School Project" aimed at entrenching good values and healthy living among young people in schools across Nigeria.
Our society hands out prizes for football, athletics, math, science, etc., except for good values and character. Ribena Good Values Awards identifies and spotlights deserving students who really make a difference, who go beyond the compulsory or convenient to help others overcome obstacles and live with integrity.
The goal of Ribena Good Values Awards is to identify, develop, spotlight, and ultimately build deserving students (honoree's) who really make a difference, who go beyond the compulsory or convenient to help others overcome obstacles and live with integrity.
At no cost to your school, we invite you to participate in the 2017 Intra-School “Ribena Good Values Contest / Awards” for your student where Nominees (finalists) will be competing for the Honourees Awards. All Honourees will be celebrated at a special school assembly on the winner’s platform as Ambassadors of Character and invited to the grand finale 2017 Ribena Children’s Day for Good Values on May 27th, 2017.
Participation is on the first-come-first-served basis and only the first 500 schools that registers for the contest/award either on our website or in person will be eligible to participate. The intra-school contest shall be accompanied by an introductory “Good Values Education Program” that will be integrated into the contests and awards activities.
Participation for schools is free of charge. Open to private and public primary and secondary schools in Lagos State and beyond. Registration forms and details of the contest/awards guidelines are available for download by clicking the button below. 
The RIBENA BRIDGES TO GOODNESS SCHOOL PROJECT was flagged off on April 4th, 2017 with a mandate to bring Good Values Education Program to public and private schools in Nigeria. The Ribena Bridges to Goodness School Partnership will help young people learn to make better life choices and lead value-driven lives that would mould them into better citizens in future, better leaders, and responsible and productive citizens. Parents, guardians, and schools are encouraged to watch this space. Participate when the Ribena train comes to their school and continue in this laudable effort to raise better leaders for a better Nigeria tomorrow. 
Rosemary Akpo, Marketing Director, Suntory Beverage & Foods Ltd and Prince Nnagozie Ochi, Chief Social Architect, Bridges To Goodness Projects.
Ribena, kids No 1 nutritional fruit drink from the stable of Suntory Beverage and Foods Nigeria Ltd is a unique melding of goodness and fun that families and kids have consumed across generations. It is the goodness of natural blackcurrant berries and joyous moments of purple tongue fun that kids love to drink, anytime, anywhere. 
 Left to right - Grace Kanu, Customer Marketing Manager, Suntory; Essien Ekemini, Ribena Brand Manager, Suntory; Prince Nnagozie Ochi, Chief Social Architect, Bridges To Goodness Projects; Rosemary Akpo, Marketing Director, Suntory; Jane Nnagozie-Ochi, Executive Director, Bridges To Goodness Projects
 Left to right - Essien Ekemini, Ribena Brand Manager, Suntory; Prince Nnagozie Ochi, Chief Social Architect, Bridges To Goodness Projects; Grace Kanu, Customer Marketing Manager, Suntory; Rosemary Akpo, Marketing Director, Suntory; 
Ribena believes that goodness takes hold when it is made fun and interesting. Ribena believes that GOOD VALUES can be imbibed better when they are made engaging and connect with the hearts and minds of the children.
Bridges To Goodness Projects is a character and life-skills development social enterprise organization founded by a team of social architects to build and celebrate the goodness and greatness of people especially our younger generation. Through its Good Character Development School Agenda Program and other initiatives, B2G Projects helping to bring about the emergence of a critical mass of a new generation of young people with the requisite knowledge, values, skills and traits of good character necessary for success in the 21 st -century global world. At the core of its mission is to help people learn to make better life choices and lead values-driven lives that would enable them to succeed in school/college, in the workplace, in their families and communities, to live happy, worthy and fulfilling personal lives, and become engaged, responsible and productive citizens.
The Ribena Good Values Awards are the only national awards given to young people solely for strength of character. They are not to be given for isolated acts of heroism or generosity, although such acts may rightly call attention to a nominee. Nor are they to be given simply for high grades, selection for leadership posts, excellence in athletics or the arts, or any combination thereof. Rather, the Ribena Children for Good Values Awards are designed to honour young people (regardless of their family background, race, culture, financial status, I.Q. or physical condition) whose lives and achievements demonstrate an enduring commitment to qualities associated with Good Character. Those selected should be undeniable role models for their generation.
Nomination Guidelines
1. All nominees will be evaluated in the following general category:
The nominee's beliefs, attitudes and actions have consistently exemplified our Key Values of Character. The Key Values of Character are:
Honesty: Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Reliability and Loyalty
Excellence: Pursuit of Excellence, Belief in Yourself, Growth Mindset, Build your Skills, Willingness to Learn, Set Goals and go for it.
Respect: Valuing all People; Living by the Golden Rule; Honouring the Dignity, Privacy and Freedom of others; Courtesy, Politeness, Tolerance and Acceptance of Differences.
Responsibility: Fulfilling Duties, Accountability, and Exercising Self-Control, Discipline.
Fairness: Being Just and Impartial and having both a Willingness to Listen and Openness to Differing Viewpoints.
Compassion: Being Compassionate, Kind, Loving, Caring, Considerate and Charitable.
Civic Duties: Doing One's Share, Helping the Community, Playing by the Rules and Respecting Authority and the Law.
2. Nominees will also be evaluated in any of these four specific categories, as applicable.
Overcoming Obstacles- Nominee has demonstrated perseverance and inner-strength in overcoming Societal, Physical, Financial or other difficulties, (and/or)
Making Difficult Choices – Nominee has demonstrated uncompromising integrity and courage in doing the right thing despite social pressure or personal risk, (and/or)
Generosity & Self Sacrifice –Nominee has demonstrated generosity of spirit and a willingness for Self- Sacrifice in devotion to helping others (and/or)
Community Service- Nominee has demonstrated community service in working for the common good.
It is not necessary that a nominee excel in all the specific evaluation categories. Nominees may not have been presented with the same challenges or opportunities to demonstrate their character. Judges will select winners based upon their overall character. Thank you again for your efforts.
Information for Nominators
To be eligible, Nominees must be Pupils/Students from Primary 1 to SS 2 in your School.
There are four Levels of Participation: 
Level 1 – Junior Primary 
Level 2 - Senior Primary 
Level 3 - Junior Secondary 
Level 4 – Senior Secondary
Class teachers will nominate their best student for every class, then the nominees will be judged by a panel of judges comprising selected teachers from your school to select the best at every level.
The best at every level are the Honourees.
All Nominees and Honourees will be recognized in the School at separate special assemblies.
The Honorees will receive their Ribena Good Values (RGV) Winners Medals and Award Certificates in their Schools.
Honourees will be recognized and celebrated at the Ribena Children’s Day for Good Values on 27th May 2017.
Schools are encouraged to start a “Character/Good Values Honours Roll Wall of Fame
All names of Honorees must be sent to us by latest 20th May 2017.
Honorees will have their name permanently inscribed and displayed at the school’s Honours Roll for Good Values Awardees “Wall of Fame”
Fairness is required in every selection:
Do not select your brightest student or your relation.
The winner will be the face of your School for Character and will be keenly watched.
Therefore, choose wisely and with Fairness.
This contest/awards which are part of our wider character and life-skills development program. The RIBENA BRIDGES TO GOODNESS SCHOOL PROJECT promises to be an enduring partnership with a promise to work with willing & enthusiastic school administrators, parents/homes to promote and implement GOOD VALUES EDUCATION Program tagged – “YOUR CHOICES COUNT”, in schools and families starting now and right up to the start of the new school year in September 2017 and beyond.
The Ribena Good Values School Programme shall commence from 
24th April 2017 to 26th May 2017
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